Saturday, January 21, 2017

1/22/17- Open Gym

Functional Fitness

2017 APEX CROSSFIT OPEN - 100% Participation THE TWO MOST IMPORTANT WOD SCHEMES FOR THE CROSSFIT OPEN While movements make up each workout, there are also many different types of workouts we could see in the 2017 CrossFit Open. In the past we have seen AMRAP’s, workouts for time, and even a two-phase workout to kick off the 2015 CrossFit Open (15.1). Here is a look at the make-up of the workouts we have seen so far in the Open’s short history. Wod Scheme – # Of Times Seen Singlet – 4 Couplet – 15 Triplet – 11 Quadruplet – 1 Quintuplet – 1 The most popular workout scheme in the CrossFit Games Open so far has been a couplet, followed closely by the triplet. OPEN MOVEMENTS Movement – # Of Times Seen in descending order. Double Unders – 6 Bar Muscle ups/Muscle Ups- 6 Toes To Bar – 6 Wall Balls – 6 Thrusters – 6 Chest To Bar Pull Ups – 6 Snatch (Full / Power) – 6 Deadlifts – 5 Burpees (Bar Facing / Regular) – 5 Box Jumps – 4 Clean (Power / Full) – 4 Overhead Squats – 3 Clean & Jerk – 3 Calorie Row – 3 Hand Stand Push Ups – 2 Push Ups – 1 Push Press – 1 Shoulder To Overhead – 1 OH lunge - 1

Friday, January 20, 2017

1/21/17- Bring a Friend - Rafter Family

Coach Melissa

BRING A FRIEND Rafter Family 6 person team *represents each member of the team. 15 minutes 2 people must be holding a barbell the entire time 2 partners must complete synchronized goblet squats (meet at top of squat) 2 partners must complete burpee box jumps (meet on top) *Score is total reps of goblet squats and burpee box jumps You may have any partner combo's through wod ***If a barbell is dropped at any time the entire gym will stop and complete 5 synchronized burpees with their 6 person team then begin working again.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

1/20/17- Battle of the Birds - Event 8 & 9

GOOD LUCK TO THE TEAMS COMPETING THIS WEEKEND at the Nordic New Years Throwdown (Crossfit Raid)
Team- Melissa G, Alicia K, Byron G & Taylor W
Team- Amy N, Mia S, Jason L and Coach Todd

Event 8: 50 burpee Heavier Grace 10 minutes 25 burpees 30 Clean and Jerk 145/100 25 burpees *Scoring Top 8 scores of Owls and Roosters added will represent your teams score. **If finish prior to 10 minute cap complete additional clean and jerks for additional reps! Score will be your total of extra reps. If someone fails to finish 2nd set of burpees they will subtract 1 sec for every burpee short. Rest 3 minutes Event 9: Max Sit ups 2 minutes Event 2 Scoring: Class avg. Add total number of situps divided by participants in class.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

1/19/17- Battle of the Birds- Event 7

Packed HOUSE

25 minute AMRAP 9 deadlifts 225/155 15 double unders 21 box jumps 24/20" 500m/400m row **ALL SCORES WILL EFFECT YOUR TEAM!

1/18/17- Battle of the Birds - Event 4, 5, & 6

You go left, I'll go it!

Event 4 4 minutes Ascending ladder 3, 6, 9, 12, 15.....of: Push ups KBS 53/35 Scoring (1 pt for each rep) Add your entire teams reps from roosters and owls and divide it by your teams participants. Rest 3 minutes Event 5 3 minutes Max wall balls 20/14 Add your entire teams reps from roosters and owls and divide it by your teams participants. Rest 3 minutes Event 6 3 minutes 20' Shuttle Sprints (Must touch ground with hand) Add your entire teams sprints from roosters and owls and divide it by your teams participants.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

1/17/17- Battle of the Birds- Event 3

 Marlie and Syd

15 Minute AMRAP 15 OH Walking Lunges 25/10 15 power snatch 115/75 Scoring: 15 reps for the OH walking lunge *must remain in place 15 reps for PC 1 round = 30 Add your entire teams reps from roosters and owls and divide it by your teams participants.

1/16/17- Battle of the Birds- Event 1 & 2

Battle of the Birds is making its first Appearance of 2017 Starting next week 1/16 through 1/20. Reigning 2016 Champs are the Roosters! * If your a rooster coming in at night please make note on the whiteboard, vice versa if your an owl and are attending class in the morning make sure you record owl next to your name. Juniors you will pick a team and remain on that team for the week.
Partner Tag

Event 1: 10 minute Amrap 7 c2b pull ups 21 sdhp 80/45 Scoring for Event 1 Top 5 roosters and Top 5 Owls scores added together represents your team. 3 minute break (athletes may get bars, weights and racks set during this time) Event 2: Max Front Squat 3 minutes to find max front squat **Every member or the Owls and Roosters will effect their teams score. ALL SCORES COUNT. Total wt moved divided by total participants