Thursday, August 25, 2016

8/26/- Grizzly

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Apex and Chill

4 rounds 150' bear crawl 25 power snatch 75/55

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CrossFit Endurance WOD
“Pacing Penalty”
Since we got rained out last time, we’re going to give this a go again!
Be at the Indian Crest Middle School Track by 6:00 PM
Address: 139 Harleysville Pike, Souderton, PA 18964
Bring: Water, Running Shoes, Jump Rope if you have one, and running watch if you have one.
Details of the  “Pacing Penalty” WOD will be discussed at the track.

CrossFit Apex Burden March
Sunday August 28, 2016 (10 am-12pm)

With less than 72 hours until the third-annual CrossFit Apex Burden March, the staff at CF Apex is excited to host what we hope will be another wildly challenging and successful endurance event.
Here are some more specific details, including a general itinerary for the event. Take the time to read, as some specifics may play a part in your team’s strategy.

9:30 am--Apex doors open. Team registration fees/pool waivers/weight scaling/warm-up.
10 am—Team briefing. Discussion of course/rules/scaling/team questions.
10:15 am—Race Start.
10:30 am—Souderton Pool Gate Opens
10:40-ish am—First teams reach pool
11:15—First teams depart the Souderton Pool.
11:50 am—All teams must exit Souderton Pool. The score of any team still swimming will reflect how many laps were completed by 12 pm.
12 pm-1 pm—All teams finish race. Teams are encouraged to hang around and enjoy some “recovery time” at Apex after the race. Feel free to bring your own Adult beverage and snacks.

Each team will have to carry three items throughout the course of the race. These items will be a weight vest, med ball and kettlebell.
RX Weights for this event are...
45# vest
20# med ball
35# KB
Please note that all weights will be scaled to each non-RX team’s ability level, at the discretion of the Apex trainers. Distances and laps will not be scaled, so each team will complete the entire 5-mile course.

The Marching part of the course is a hilly 2.1 mile trek which will challenge each team.
All teams will…
Turn left out of the Apex lot.
Follow Forman Road until it becomes Lower Road.
Follow Lower Road until making a left at the dead-end at Godshall Road.
Make a right onto West Reliance Road and follow until the pool is on your right.
Please note that all teams must follow the road course. No short cuts are allowed.
We are very lucky that have the support of the Franconia Police Dept. who will provide an escort for the March portion of the race.
The Pool
The Souderton Community Pool is a 10-lane 25-yard pool so our one-mile swim will consist of 72 laps.
The Competition pool is 5-6 feet deep in the middle and closer to 3-4 on the outsides. We would suggest all teams who consider themselves “more comfortable” in the water stay towards the middle so that teams who are “less comfortable” can be near the edge on the shallower part of the pool.
We will be entering the pool area from the small gate on the Reliance Road end of the pool and will NOT be using the main gate.
There will NOT be any diving during this event all swimmers must enter the water feet first.
Other than the objects we will be carrying, there are some other things that might be necessary.
Apex will provide bottles of water and bananas that will be readily available on the way in and out of the pool area. Any other food items will have to be brought and carried by each team (see below).
Please note, that before the start of the race, each team will be able to pack one duffle bag/ backpack with their team’s swimming equipment (suits, towels, goggles etc.). Those bags will be transported to (and from) the pool, where they will be available when entering for the swim. Please keep the bag light and do not pack valuables (wallets, phones, etc.) as Apex isn’t responsible for lost items.
Goggles-Highly recommended. Everyone is going to be spending considerable time in the water, so goggles are always a good idea.
I (Coach Lou) do have a handful of pairs of “lost-and-found” goggles that I keep in my swim bag. You guys are welcome to use them but I cannot vouch for sizing/style/or functionality of those pairs. First come, first serve at Apex in the morning.
Swim Suits-You will need to wear “proper” swimming attire at the pool. Locker rooms will be open for bathroom breaks/clothes changing, if necessary.
Water bottles/Camelbacks-Carrying water, food bars or other sustenance might be a good idea but will have to be transported by the team. Please note that a participant may not use a back-pack or other device to hold the “challenge items.”

Friends and family are welcome to spectate during tomorrow’s event. Best vantage points would of course be at the start, finish and at the Souderton Pool swimming portion. Teams are welcome (and encouraged) to provide their own lap counters for this event.

Anyone interested in helping with this weekend’s event? We are looking for lap counters and some assistance staff to help transport bags and other items to and from the Souderton Pool. Prospective volunteers can email coach Lou directly at, by PM on Facebook or by checking in on the morning of the race.
Specific Rules
Teams will be briefed in the morning and questions concerning rules will be fielded.
Here’s a few to get everyone’s wheels turning.

• Before any teammate may take to the pool all four teammates and all three pieces of equipment must be on the pool deck (kb, mb, vest).
• Each teammate must swim at least 10 laps.
• First come, first serve when occupying lanes at the pool. There will be lane lanes setup and each team will be required to stay in their team’s lane.
• Equipment must remain off of the ground at all times in order to progress forward either swimming or running/marching. Equipment must be held in a standing position. You may not sit in a squat and rest on your legs or on your feet. You may rest on your shoulders.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

8/25/16- EMOM

JUNIOR GIRLS CLASS TO CONTINUE Starting in September Tues and Thurs Evenings 7pm - 8pm

EMOM: 12 minutes O: 3 Squat Cleans (185/125) E: 3 Push Jerks (185/125)

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

8/24/16- Fran

Interested in sharing APEX FIT with someone, WELL the time has come again for 2 weeks of FREE Apex Fit to any first timers. Sept 6th and 8th at 6pm to 7pm and Sept 13th and 15th at 6pm to 7pm. What is Apex Fit? here Please share this event on here

21-15-9 for time Thrusters 95/65 Pull ups

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Monday, August 22, 2016

8/23/16- Rhythm

Next Fundamental Seminar Aug 26 and 27th Sign up here

3 RFT 400m Run 30 Double Unders 20 Box Jump Overs (24"/20) 15 Burpees 10 Pistols

Sunday, August 21, 2016

8/22/16- Hundred

THIS SUNDAY DON'T MISS OUT Burden March March. Swim. March August 28th 10am - 1pm Teams of 4. $25 Apex Member, $30 Non Member Sign up individually here There is a team sign up sheet at Apex on the back of the whiteboard. If your looking for a team there is also a location on the whiteboard to put your name.
Team Hustle and Muscle

Teams of 2 100 KBS hvy 70/53 100 burpee over parallette 100 c2b pull ups 100 wall ball hvy 25/20

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Friday, August 19, 2016

8/20/16- Alternative Strength Wod #2

Lady Predators 45 Minutes 1. Prowler Push 100' (outside) 2.10 DB step up onto 20"box (must be completed without weight touching ground) 3.Yoke carry 50' (main gym floor)(use racks with barbells as additional yokes) 4. 8 Tire Flips for time ^heaviest tire you can handle for speed 5. 300' atlas stone carry for time (3rd Side Gym) (6 lengths of rig) *heaviest you can handle carried in front of your chest not on shoulder 6. Weighted Pull up/ Weighted 30sec Hang *may wear vest or KB/DB between feet knees Goal is to work to maximal loads. Each time through increase your weight if your able. At end record heaviest wts moved successfully along with total time for #4 and #5.