Wednesday, March 11, 2015

3/12/15- Partner Up

Partner Wod
15 minutes or for time:
250 calorie Row Men/ 200 calorie Row Women/ 225 calorie Row Coed
50' bear crawl
max unbroken ttb *scale knee ups
50' bear crawl back

Every ttb is 1 sec subtrated from total time.
*Failure to complete in 15minutes add 1 sec per calorie remaining then subtract 1 sec from total time for each ttb.
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Hudson said...

slim pickins at 9am but it was a lot of fun.
WU: 6x5 bench press (I increased weight a few times because I wasn't sure which weight to start at. Coach Lou kindly encouraged me to do a 6th set at a higher weight. Final set was at 105# which is a 15# pr for me. Thanks, Lou!)

WOD: partnered with Karey S. 14:03 165 cal, 92 ttb

Monica C.

Pastor Tony Taylor said...
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Pastor Tony Taylor said...

Great WOD this morning
I got a great push by teaming up with coach Lou
228 c
99 t2b