Sunday, March 1, 2015

3/2/15 - Karen on Ginseng

Let the Leaderboarding begin!
15.1 & 15A are in the books, how's everyone feeling? Mentally and Physically? 
Coach Bus & Ant D. 
For time:
150 wall balls 20/14

at the top of each minute death by box jump overs 20""
(Ex. Min 1 stop wb and complete 1 bj over, back to wb, Min 2 stop wb and complete 2 bj over, back to wb, and so on until 150 wb complete)

Post weight and time to comments

New Warm ups for March and April
Back on Strength!
We had great gains last time we worked strength.
Mon, Wed and Fri - Squat
Tues, Thurs - Press, DL


Mark Bailey said...

122. 14# WB. The BJU's started piling up and left limited time at the wall. DNF

Dave "BDD" said...

what is the time cap? I am sure I will get to the point where I cannot complete the BJO's in a minute.

Josh Wagner said...

BDD try to go light enough and low enough on the box jump in order to move faster and finish.

Your goal is to finish! Good luck hope to see you in tonight.

Ball park weight to choose on the wb would be something you can hit close to 25-30 reps in the first minute.

Josh Wagner said...

Results to be posted when the open closes as to what team takes the week 1 win. Team TW, Team Bus or Team JW.
Here are the teams:

Mark Bailey said...

12 minutes.

Jon Hwang said...

8:42 Rx. Fun one.

Frank Heffelfinger said...

146 reps and not very happy about it!! I should have finished this!!! This will definitely be a future Sunday Open gym WOD.
14# WB and 20" BJU

Julia Barndt said...

10:00 6# 12" ouch.

Chris G said...

11:56 Rx

Struggled way too much on this one...

Kevin Mooney said...

137 @ 10#

did 50 box jumps for dessert

Jacob Shear said...

8:45 8# 10"