Friday, April 8, 2011

Open WOD 3 - Lord & Lady WOD 6

OPEN WOD 3 - Lord & Lady WOD6

5 min AMRAP

Squat Clean & Jerks 165/110#

*After this WOD you will be half way through the Open Madness!!


Bussom36 said...

Apex Stand Up!

It's Game Day! and Time to fill up the PR board!

Dan J said...

I can't wait to see everyones posts, nice work everyone i know you kicked that wod's a$$!

Shanna - Nicole and I couldn't get enough people for the movnat thing so we are just signing up for it individually. So, if you are still interested and the timing works - sign up asap!

Again, awesome job everyone, you guys make me proud to be apart of this box!

Bussom36 said...

Apex....Great work today!
Looks like I will be validating some great scores today!

Teresa, Are you OK?

Bussom36 said...

Congrats to the NEW LORD & LADY!

Female under 19 - Alex Atiyeh
Male under 19 - Alex Zimrock

Female over 19- Kacie Heilman
(Awesome Rope battle btwn Kacie & Crush for 1st)
Male over 19 - Cody Loeffler

Open Athletes: keep your eye on the prize....we are half way through the open!

Michael said...

Lots of excitement this morning! Forgot to write my PR down for the squat clean. BTW, People keep looking at me funny when I tell them I can clean & Jerk my bodyweight.


Zimnock said...

me and cody matched today through and through.

and i for got what my score was for the games so can someone help me out with that?

Jarrett said...

like to see Apex representing in the top 60! keep up the great work guys!

Wags said...

Nice job today! It was so great being back to the box and watching ya'll rip it up! Very exciting day...congrats to the New Lords and Ladies and also congrats to everyone for a rough fight for those 5 minutes! Saw alot of guts today, I know things didn't turn out the way some of you had planned, but keep your heads high for fighting through and giving it your all! I'm proud of you all!

Zim, you were 4 rounds and 1 squat clean- 9 total pts

-Tanya :)

Julia said...

Eustice, I forgot to post too. Our experiences always seem parallel. Today was good for me. Great inspirations everyone. Thank you.


Zimnock said...

thanks so much Tanya :) and it was great seeing you again!

Kurt said...

Good job today everyone! Sitting on the couch I realize there is no waaayyy I am doing that wod over again. Who knew 5 minutes could wipe you out that much? Congrats Cody and KC!

Lisa said...

Great work everyone-you all are inspirations! Sorry I've been missing you guys!!! Anyone doing tough mudder tomorrow? I'm getting a little excited/nervous for this...good luck to any of you also participating!


Dan J said...

Nicole and I are also doing the TM with a group of our friends starting at 10:20am. When are you starting??

I talked to someone who did it today and said its VERY hilly and there time was 3.5hrs haha so it will be interesting. Get pumped you know every minute of it will be fun. Good luck!!

Julia said...

Lisa and Dan, Look for Kali from the morning group at the TM.

Zach Miller said...

So we just got back from tough mudder. It was great, it was tough mentally, physically. We started at 10:40 it took us 4.5 hours are team name was Eegabuzh. I represented the crossfitapex teeshirt and thanks to you guys for all are hard training. That was no joke this year 11 miles with all kinds of different challenges.

Lisa said...

just got home and cleaned up...took my team 4 hours...we were "pure steel and sex appeal". we were part of the 11:20 wave so i'm sorry i missed seeing you guys there. 11 miles definitely was no joke! lots of hills and that water was cold. feels great to complete a challenge like that. thanks to all of you at for support in and outside the gym.

Michael said...

No tough Mudder for me, but conquered Helen Rx at home. 13:02