Sunday, April 10, 2011

4-11-11 "7 of hearts"

For time:
10 power cleans
200m run
9 power cleans
200m run
8 power cleans
200m run
1 power clean
200m run

Past 7 of hearts 6-22-10, 8-17-09, 2-7-09, 7-28-08
Lets all try to beat Keith Bussom's time from 7-28-08 of 15:09:)

Our 3 year Anniversary is coming up tomorrow 4/12/11. Just wanted to give you all an idea of what things looked like at the first stages of Apex! Yes that is Angie is 2 of those pictures:)

P.S. May 7th following the Saturday WOD we will be having an after party at Apex. This will be a fun, game playing and relaxing gathering concluding the Games Open Wods and celebrating the 3 years of Apex. Stay tuned for more info. Save the date.


Zimnock said...

this was my first ever legit crossfit workout :)

Wags said...

The world is finally starting to get it.

6 exercise machines you must avoid

Tanya said...

Sweet Zim, can't wait to see how much you crush your old time!

Enjoy the weather :)