Thursday, February 26, 2015

15. 1 & The BIG 3

Tonight at 8pm Apex will be streaming Open Announcements 15.1. All are welcome to join in the viewing of the announcement and watch Froning vs Fraser. Following the announcement we will run 15.1 WOD for anyone interested in going tonight or unable to complete their workout this weekend. Please plan on notifying us prior to Thursday if your plan is to complete the OPEN workout this evening.

On tap tonight we have 
Austin "Kid Grid" McVaugh
Sameer "The Butterfly" Patel
Frank "Da Tank" Hefflefinger
Devan "The Strong" Young
Katie "High Flying"Offner
Jason "The Bull' Petrick

Come out tonight to support these athletes as they tackle 15.1!

"The BIG 3" Team Competition:
Also, new this year to Apex and the Open, "The BIG 3" team competion, Team Tayna, Team Josh and Team Bus will battle it out for the 2015 Fittest Team in Apex. All the athletes that have signed up for the open and joined the Apex team have been drafted to one of the Owner Squads. Please check the list below to see who's team you are on. (If you have signed up or signed up late and are not on a team please notify one of the trainers)

Scoring: the score for each team will be the average score(time/rep/weight) of each team 

Team TW
Sharon Shi
Nick D
Lora S
Mark B
Frank H,
Angie N
Chris Hi
Missy C
Nikki O
Chris K
Aaron W
Scott L
Tony T
Clay M
Rob C
Melissa B
Erik P
Austin M
Anthony D
Ryan D
Ryan D
Team Bus
Dave R
Amy M
Kim D
Scott G
Sarah Ta
Todd P
Lisa K
Devan Y
Pete N
Cindy M
Craig O
Tracie S
Mark S
Izzy Z
Chris G
Brent N
Mike D
Erica J.
Kylie H
Mark D
Team JW
Jon H
Luke R
Missy K
Jason P
Kevin M
Clayton C
Julia B
Matt He
Dan H
Kevin W
Chris M
Sameer P
Braeden K
Sue S
Katie O
Rob N
Lou W
Michelle S
Sharon Sa
Nik W
(Team rosters are not listed in any particular order) 


Erik said...

As the unofficial spokesman for Team TW I would like to wish the other two teams the best of're gonna need it!!!!!!!!

Frank Heffelfinger said...

15.1 - 70 reps RX (115# Snatch is PR)
15.1A - 165# (PR)

Gonna give this another shot on Sunday. I want to complete 3 rounds and hit 170#.

Go get'em tonight and tomorrow Team Tanya and the rest of Apex!!