Tuesday, February 24, 2015

2/25/15- Pebbles

Come join us Thursday night to watch the 1st, 2015 CrossFit Open Announcement @ Apex. We will stream the Open Announcement Live on our big screen TV. Announcement starts at 8pm ET. Feel free to arrive earlier, we'll be here.

We also have some individuals that will be completing Open Workout 15.1 this evening as well. (Austin, Sameer, Katie and Dan H)
Julia B. & Cindy M.

1 minute Max Stone front squats (45,65,95,115)
*may not be on your shoulder, must be held in front of chest.
Carry stone 50'
1 minute Max Ground to over shoulder w/ stone (2pts per rep)
Carry stone 50'
1 minute Max lunges while holding stone
*may hold the stone however you would like.
Rest 1 minute

Count total reps. Complete 4x.

Post reps to comments


matt Heacock said...

52/52/53/59=216 65#

Todd said...

Just wanted to give the Roosters a 'shout out'! You all kept up the intensity each and every round and motivated me big time this morning. #roosterproud

Frank Heffelfinger said...

51/33/29/27=140 @ 75#

Disappointed that I didn't get more reps than I did. This hurt much worse than I thought it was going to in the third and fourth rounds.

Julia Barndt said...

55/55/55/55 for 220 w/ 45#
this hurt my quads exactly as much as I expected coming off of Monday's WOD but I can't resist Atlas stones ha. hopefully 15.1 doesn't involve more squats of any variety!