Sunday, March 15, 2015

3/16/17- Bowen

Come join us Thursday night to watch 15.4 CrossFit Open Announcement @ Apex. We will stream the Open Announcement Live on our big screen TV. Announcement starts at 8pm ET. Feel free to arrive earlier, we'll be here.
The Future of Apex

WU- Front squat 5x7

3 Rounds
Run 800 meters
7 Deadlift 275/225
10 Burpee Pull Ups
14 One Arm KB Thruters 53/35
20 Box Jump 24″/20"

Chris Spealler 20:59

Post weights and time to comments


Byron G said...

I just want to start out by saying watching somebody get their first ring muscle up is truly amazing... Big shout out to K-Dubs Kevin Wright for letting me witness that... That's how you start a Monday!!!

and I how I've missed my rooster crew... Thank you guys for all the love and sticking around for my 15.3 redo... Don't think I would've got back to those rings as fast without you guys cheering me on... 161 Rx improved 3 muscle ups :) happy Monday...

Frank Heffelfinger said...

23:57 800-600-400 on the runs, 185# DL, 26# KB,20" box

KB thrusters were awkward. First time doing them. Great job by all this morning.

Byron G said...

Forgot to say thank you Kevin Mooney for being my judge... The vibe this morning was awesome...

PS the kid in the picture in the red sweatshirt playing peekaboo with himself is my youngest... LOL, like father like son!

Jacob Shear said...

Whats the scaled for the juniors

Todd said...

Diddo to what Byron said (expect the part about my 15.3 redo!)

Watching Kevin go at his first (through 4!) Muscles Ups, was just awesome.

Then to watch Byron improve his 15.3 by 3 MU - was icing on the donut this morning!

I was humbled big time attempting a 15.3 redo - but will take that zero from today and the 157 from Friday and hopefully knock out 7 MU's unbroken by this time next year! (of course Castro won't re-do this one next year, or will he???)

Jon - That one extra MU rep you got today speaks volume's of your hard work and determination. That extra rep will not only propel you in the leader board, but is a perfect lead into 15.4 - CHIPPER TIME!

p.s. I thought the kid in the red sweatshirt was you Byron! BAH!

Julia Barndt said...

19:53 400s/115#/26#/12"
Ahh warm weather and the start of running WODs. I spend all winter feeling relatively in shape; but then we start running and I am quickly disabused of the notion ha

Jon Hwang said...

24:47 Rx. Slow on the runs. Need to get my lungs back on the runs. First time with one arm kb thrusters. Harder than I thought. Barely made the cap.

Missy Cartwright said...

21:54 800m/115#/26#/20"

KB thrusters were awkward, and I know my form was terrible! Otherwise it was nice to get outside!

Sharon Shipe said...

Did this on the road today and holy wow was it brutal!! However, this is the first spring season EVER that I have been able to run 3 800m at a pretty decent pace without stopping at all! :)

Kevin Mooney said...

15.3 re-do: 1 - Rx