Monday, March 16, 2015

3/17/15- Pot-O-Gold

Next Bring a Friend to Apex April 11th , 9am
All donation will go towards
Leukemia and Lymphona Society (LLS)
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Post 15.3
WU- Push press 6x3

Partner WOD
AMRAP: 17 min

*Each team will carry a kettlebell throughout the workout. If teams set the KB down, each member does 5 burpees

1 Round =
Partner Carry + KB (WB wall to rig)
30 Pull Ups
Partner Carry + KB (Rig to WB Wall)
10 Wall Climbs

*While 1 partner is working, the other partner will perform goblet squats

*Pull ups and wall climbs may split up however the team chooses

*Teams will be scored on rounds finished and total goblet squats
Post weights and time to comments


RobC said...

WU: 6x3 Push Press @ 135
- Still redipping once I get above 125#

WOD (Partnered with Dan H):
- 3 Rds plus 38 reps
- 254 goblet squats

RobC said...
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Hudson said...

WU: 6x3 PP at 90#

WOD: loved this wod because I didn't have to do ANY pull ups! My partner, Janine (God Bless her) did all the pull ups. I did the carries and the majority of the wall climbs.
Our score: 4rds+13, 255 squats, 26#

Monica C

matt Heacock said...

Partnered with Chris H
4 rds/219 45#

Lisa Kehrle said...

5rds/210. 26#
Partnered with Yaz.
That was fun. 😅