Sunday, March 29, 2015

3/30/15- Now we see Burpees

Apex Barbell Club Fundamentals
Must have completed ABC fundmantals first if you haven't already.
2 sessions (must attend both)
3/31 and 4/2
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Luke R.

OTM: As Long As Possible

Burpees + 100' sprint

- Athletes will start with 1 burpee and continue to add 1 burpee each minute until they can no longer complete the sprint within the minute

Post rds to comments


Dave "BDD" said...

more like "now you see me cry"

Todd said...

First of all, gotta give MAJOR Kudo's to Rooster Brent this morning for not only re-doing 15.5, but significantly improving his time. Just incredible intensity for 5:30 in the AM - let alone anytime of the day. Congrat's Brent on a kick-ass 2015 Open!

17 full rounds, plus 18 Burpee's (no run) = 171 Burpee's.

Bussom36 said...

Awesome energy at the 5pm!!
Thanks for letting me jump in with ya'll

17 rds + 17

S.Tanen said...

16burpees + 88ft

Missy Cartwright said...

16 burpees plus 50'